Rokas Gudavicius
4th Yr CS Student @ UoE
favourite subjects include:
Algorithms, ML, CompSys
Year Rep & Past VP @ CompSoc
Organizing events, emailing people, working in a team
IT Assistant @ UoE ML
getting people connected to WiFi... and more!
  pinterest color api
provided a color, and this gives
you some pictures from pinterest
詩  haiku generator
scrapes random text from the net
converts to haikus and tweets it
  java game engine
2D top-down shooter engine in
Java with a level editor
4-player local co-op party game
made with Unity for GGJ2018
finds gigs of an artist, and
finds you flights to them
Welcome, Placeholder

This is my little slice of the internet. Please try to break it and then email me about it. Really.

There's some projects I think are neat on the left, as well as some websites you can visit.

I'm trying to find time for the blog, okay?